Wednesday, December 14, 2011

El Libro de Mormon, in action!

We had a missionary activity this Saturday which was really fun!  We split everyone up into three different groups and acted out different stories from the Book of Mormon, the story of Nephi and Laban, the story of Moroni and the Title of Liberty, and Samuel the Lamanite.  We dressed up, of course.  Bed sheets can do wonders!

I hope we all remember the reason for the season!  In a lot of the store windows we see Feliz Fiestas! written instead of Feliz Navidad, and it is sad to hear that a lot of the people here just Bbq together on the 25th and shoot off fireworks all night (sounds like the fourth of july!) We must remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He came to this Earth to live and die for us, and I know He lives!  Last night Hermana Gerratt and I watched The Testaments in our pench on our little dvd player.  It was so powerful seeing Christ come to the Americas, walk among the people, invite all the little children to come to him, and heal the sick and weary.  Whenever we explain the gospel of Jesus Christ to people on the street or in lessons, I have the easiest example of how important He is to us, I point to my name tag and say: Mira este nombre aqui! Look at this name right here! It is the largest part of our name tag for a reason, because He is the head of the Church!  We must never forget Him.  I am learning more and more each day the importance of perserverar hasta el fin, or enduring to the end.  It is so important that we rejoice in Christ in all that we do!  Some people that we are teaching do not understand what it means to put God first.  There are blessings waiting for us if we remember to take upon the name of Christ in all that we do.  A lot of people learning about the gospel don{t understand what it means to take upon the name of Christ.  I use a futbol analogy (everything is taught easier with futbol analogies, I learned this in Provo with a handful of Mexican youngsters who didn{t really care for our traditional lessons)  I tell people to imagine that when they get  baptized and take upon the name of Christ, they are putting on an imaginary jersey that says Christ{s name on it, and from that point on they are on Christ{s team and must do all they can everyday to make him proud, to play our hardest in the game of life!  This scripture I think explains it   2 Nephi 31:20

Por tanto, debeis seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo, teniendo un folgor perfecto de esperanza y amor por Dios y por todos los hombres.  Por tanto, si marchais adelante, deleitandoos en la palabra de Cristo, y perseverais hasta el fin, he aqui, asi dice el Padre: Tendreis la vida eterna.  

PS, I just read this in our weekly newsletter.  Hermana Giuliani, the mission president{s wife, included this fact from the Friend magazine regarding Christmas traditions around the world: 

Las familias en Argentina encienden globos de papel en forma de diamante la Noche de
Navidad y los dejan que se vayan flotando en el aire durante la noche.

If you know castellano and you have seen the movie Tangled, then you should be as excited as I am.  If you don{t know castellano but you have seen the movie Tangled, then you can probably guess what it is that is so exciting!   If you haven{t seen Tangled, regardless of what language you know, shame on you.  Ok ok I{ll tell you... they light lanterns and let them float up in the air!  
Reason #56 why this mission is meant for me.  Thank you, Argentina! 

Besos, Hermana Miller 

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  1. Hey cousin! I finally found your blog-and am so happy I did! You look so happy, and I've loved reading all about your work. I have a letter for you sitting on the table I sent to your Provo address a month ago, and it was returned. I just need to get it into a new envelope and get it mailed again! Sorry for my lapse in sending mail. Love you!