Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Seester!!!

On the 25th is my sister Emily´s 20th birthday!  woot!  

Happy Birthday Emily!!  I just want to tell you how grateful I am to be your sister.  I have seen (well, read.. heard) in just this past year how much you have grown, and I am very proud of you!  You help me remember that in small and simple acts of service, one can help another have a better day.  You find such joy in serving in so many different and creative ways.   I love that you have developed a love for missionary work on your own, it didn´t come as a result from wearing a nametag for 18 months like it has for me, and that is truly inspiring.  The missionaries are lucky to have you help them out, and the other members with which you work are for sure benefiting from the light you shine in your testimony and  happy attitude!  Sos una capa!  Te quiero mucho!  Keep having lots of dance parties and learn all the newest moves (well, the good ones) so you can help me try to find my groove when I get back!  

Love you seester!  

And by the looks of the photos I received, she and our dear friend Autumn had a fun time celebrating in our backyard this past weekend.  To all my G7 friends,  thank you for taking care of my lil sis and for being such amazing friends!  I love you and miss you all so much. I tell all of my American companions and aquaintances in the mission that if they are looking to move to California that I know of a very good looking and fun bunch of people that they can hang out with if they ever find themselves in LA.  : ) 

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