Wednesday, February 27, 2013

homemade empanadas

This Saturday we learned how to make homemade empanadas.  I had never made the [tapas[, or shells before.  It was a lot of fun!   

We probably see about 10 horses out in the fields every day, loose or tied.  It{s nice to see that people trust each other and can leave their horses where they please, while I try not to daydream about jumping on one and taking off to the river{s shores... sigh....

***Hillary's birthday is this coming Friday...well kind of!!  LOL!!  She is a Leap Year baby, so she doesn't really have an official birthday for another three years!!  Leave her a Happy Birthday comment here and it will be sent to her!!!!   :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sister Miller! Thinking of you today (& tomorrow), and always! xo!

  2. Espero haya pasado un hermoso cumplee, le deseo lo mejorrrr... Le quieroo mucho hermanita!! Sigo viendo su blog para saber de usted... Le mando un gran abrazo!! Besotes :)
    Hermana Franco <3

  3. Please!! Mande mis saludos a todos alla... :) dígale que los amooooo a todoss y extraño un montón!!