Monday, January 23, 2012

Right now Hermana Gerratt and I are in Rosario at a cyber (internet café) a few blocks away from el monumento de la bandera, the monument of the Argentina Flag! It is beautiful, and we walked along the Paraná river for a bit as well.
We found out last week that she is training again and that I will have a new companion next transfer (Feb 1) but we don´t know who is staying in Cañada de Gómez.  It is a bit nerve racking and we are trying to make the most of our last weeks together, so we decided to live it up and come out here to see the city!
A little food for thought;  we just received the January revista of the Liahona (a church magazine that publishes inspiring talks by our church leaders, including our prophet and president of the church Thomas S Monson and the 12 Apostles)  and Hermana Gerratt and I were so excited to finally read it!  As we flipped through the pages during our personal study after church, we were pleasantly surprised to find page after page filled with inspiring words perfect for our investigator who has been going through a rough bit struggling with having a positive attitude during some struggles.  We read the talk by President Monson about living the abundant life, as well as the talk about the Book of Mormon, ¨giving us our daily bread¨, and finding the hand of the Lord in the blessings we are given each day. These were all themes we had discussed with this woman, and she also expressed having a hard time believing in a latter day prophet, so this was a speedy answer to our prayers to show her an example that the prophet gives us inspired words of comfort from the Lord, specifically to help us in the here and now in the last days.  We were pretty stoked to hand her tangible evidence of a true and living prophet just hours after reading his words.  The hands of the Lord are in this work!  He is looking out for each of his children, and it is my responsibilty as a missionary to recognize it so we can help the people here see that He loves them and wants them to endure to the end during their struggles.   
By the way,  thank you so much for the Christmas cards!  I have put all of your photos on my wall to give me a daily reminder of some of the beautiful friends and family I have!!
Chau!  xoxo  hermana miller

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