Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whistle While You Work

This past week was a really good one!  Man, Hermana Green and I are really finding some miracles here.  It´s amazing to see how the Lord requires our patience and faith, and if we are digilent and perservere and have hope (and especially have fun all the while) the sun breaks through the clouds and the miracles come through.  We have found two amazing families from contacting and we are really excited to watch them progress!  One lady we found has had a Book of Mormon for two years and is still reading it.  Another family that we contacted in front of their house has let us come by three times this week and they are reading the Book of Mormon as well!  We showed them the Restoration movie which talks about the story of Joseph Smith and how the Church of Jesus Christ was restored.  It meant so much to have both the husband and the wife watch it together!  Many times the men we find want nothing to do with religion, but this family holds a lot of attention to our words and testimony.  They can feel something , I just know it!! I wish I could give you all a play by play in detail..  but words cannot describe, especially my words right now especially as I feel a bit awkward with my English!  I feel like I have lost the color in my writing, forgive me if my letters are a little bland sounding!  I just hope you can at least feel something when you read a little bit of the wonderful things I am witnessing here.  I have a testimony of striving to word a little bit harder and moving forward with faith.  There were a few disappointing things that happened this week, and I know that at the beginning of my mission I probably would have taken them a lot harder, felt crushed, and would have needed something to cheer me up and help me focus on the other people.  But thanks to the other experiences I have had int he last seven and a half months, I know that the gospel is a message of happiness, and worrying and feeling sad about something we cannot change only stunts the work instead of helping it grow.  Thanks to my wonderful companion Hermana Green, we are on the same page with our goals and our attitude, which is so important in a companionship.  I am glad she and I have another transfer together! 
This is a lot of hard work, and I am loving it all.  Thanks to the other hermanas here (Velasco and Collins, Collins goes home next week!!  : ( )  we have been shaking things up and really having fun and being creative.  We might do a photo scavenger hunt today and we are going to practice for a song we´re singing in church. for COllins´last Sunday.... ok I just read what I typed and I realize that those two things are not what many would consider ¨shaking things up¨, but hey, cut us some slack, we are missionaries!  Anything different from our schedule is shakin it up.  You gotta whistle while you work.
Photos ,  the sunrise this morning.  I have become a morning person!  Every single day the sky has some sort of beautiful sight to look at

Me hard at look planning for the next day.

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