Monday, April 2, 2012

Back In Venado Tuerto

Hello!!  Hope you all had a wonderful conference weekend.  I loved so many of the messages!! 
Sorry, this is going to be a quick note today.  I am with my new companion Hermana Green from Sandy Utah.  She is fresh out of the MTC and it is SO cool to see how well they prepared her!  She has a lot of spunk, I know her enthusiasm is going to help us have a lot of success here!  We are busy getting to know all of the people and have already seen a bunch of miracles.  It was pretty funny when we were walking around in the neighborhoods inviting people on the street to conference and people were stopping us! ¨Hermanas!  Are you new??¨  and we thought, are you serious??  How small is this town??  Apparently we were really inspired in choosing where we wanted to contact because we found old investigators, recent converts who are inactive, and even some members who didn´t know the schedule for conference.  I love being guided by the Lord.  Looking for His hand in all things really keeps me excited in this work!  And I love how the mission constantly gives me life analogies.  The mission really is like our lives, but it´s all accelerated.  We struggle, we learn, we start to build confidence, and before we know it we are showing someone else the ropes!  We can find the Lord´s hand in everyday of our lives, not just as missionaries.  It´s pretty breathtaking if you take the time to look carefully.  I wish I had more time to expound on that analogy... but take it and make it your own.  Life is beautiful!    ¨Give me my mountain.¨ 
xoxo hermana miller

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