Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conference Is Coming

Life is great here in Arroyo Seco!  The weather has been extremely pleasant: absolutely no humidity and a perfect fall chill.  My comp and have been singing Christmas hymns de vez en cuando (every once in a while) because the weather makes us feel like it´s the holidays.  I´ve been wearing a cardigan and tights every day this week and I love it.  We have been teaching a lot and finding some great people who were quite excited when we gave them a Book of Mormon during our first contact.  I will never tire of seeing someone so genuinely grateful and excited to read that precious book!  

Conference is coming up!!  If you haven´t heard of General Conference, take a look at The Church´s website at lds.org and you can watch the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, his counselors, and the Twelve Apostles speak inspired words to all the world every six months. We believe that the same Church that Christ organized on the Earth during His ministry is here today.  We have prophets who are called of God to give us, His children, the specific guidance we need in these latter days.  Take a look!  I know you will be lifted and edified.  There is a promise that if we have a certain struggle, or a need for certain guidance or advice, we can pray to find an answer and if we listen attentively to the conference talks we will hear the answer! 

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Love you all! ! !   Hermana Miller 

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