Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mission Is Full Of Surprises!

This week was crazy!   Let me fill you in..

After going to the ciber to email, I received a phone call from the Assistants that I would not be going to the mission home on Thursday to pick up my new companion because she has Visa problems.  Sound familiar?  Now I know what it is like on the flip side!!  The Elders said that I needed to go straight to my new area. On Wednesday, the crazy day called Transfers, I traveled to Rosario from Cañada de Gomez.  From the Terminal I traveled with another Elder 3 hours south on a bus to Venado Tuerto, where Hermana Collins picked me up. There are two areas for hermanas in Venado right next to each other, and our apts are two houses down!  I was pretty pumped to hear about all the fun things the missionaries do here in the zone.  They get together often in the morning to play basket and have asados (bbq´s) and activities every PDay, which is so different from being alone in Cañada! So the plan was for me to be in a trio with Collins and her comp Velasco for a week or so until my new companion came.  On Thursday I got a call from the assistants again, telling me ¨Hermana, you are going to Arroyo Seco to serve with Hermana Rentfro.  Pack all of your things and take the next bus out!¨  What?!  Hermana Rentfro had a ¨visa-waiter¨ who got her visa for her mission in Spain, and was without a companion!  So I quickly packed up everything again (they are definitely putting my speedy packing skills to the test!) and took a bus on Friday to the terminal in Rosario, and I was told that from there I would take a taxi to the mission home and find Rentfro there, but to my surprise I found President Giuliani and one of the Assistants right at my side once I hopped down from the bus.  It was a pleasant surprise and a nice treat to have them chauffeur me down to Arroyo Seco.

So here I am!  In the middle of all the chaos Hermana Rentfro called a member from Rosario who had served a mini mission (one transfer to help out the mission when we are short an hermana) to fill in as her comp for a bit.  Her name is Hermana Machuca and she is great!  She stuck around this weekend because we had a baptism!  That was another big surprise for me.  Hermana Rentfro didn´t tell me a thing about it until we started planning for the weekend.  No wonder she needed more help!

I love Antonio, he is in his 70´s, a bit deaf, and reminds me of Bill Cosby.  We arrived at his house to tell him the details the day before his baptism and there was music playing from his house.  I smiled and introduced myself and told him I loved his music, and this HUGE grin appeared on his face and he said ¨Quiere bailar?¨ and threw back his head and leaned back just like Bill Cosby does his little dance, the arms and everything!  I was sold.  He shared alfajores with us after the lesson too... such a sweetheart.  The baptism was perfect, and we invited our neighbors... that´s another story for another week, but to make it short we are teaching them tonight and the daughter wants to be baptized!!

I love this work. No matter where we are the work keeps going.  It´s in Arcadia, Glendale, La Cañada, Pasadena, LA, Anaheim, New York, Provo, Paris, Florence, it´s everywhere!  The Lord needs his servants, and that includes those who don´t wear a name tag ; )

I love you all.  Thank you for your letters and emails.  They mean the world to me.  (
dearelder.com is the best!! Thank you!) YOU mean the world to me!!

xoxo hermana miller

Baptism of Antonio in Arroyo Seco with my companion Hermana Rentfro and our mini misionera Hermana Machuca who helped out Hermana Rentfro when she didn´t have a companion for a few days. It´s a bit complicated but I will explain everything!  : ) 

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