Monday, March 5, 2012

little victories

The sunrise this morning was crazy orange... (it shows up more red on the camera)  and we keep hearing that some big storms are coming our way.

A lot is different in the area right now.  We are focusing on gaining help from the branch members to attend lessons with us and become more excited about missionary work.  We  are receiving more references and teaching families to sincerely pray to know who is ready to hear the gospel.  A lot of times we hear ¨We´ve tried already, none of our friends are interested!¨  A member who was inactive for six years and then returned said the very same thing.  I told her ¨You had a change of heart and came back to the Church, right?  So maybe these people will have a change of heart too and are now interested in the gospel, when years ago they weren´t ready yet!¨  I think that got her thinking : )  My companion told her to write a list of every single person she knows and when we next see her we are going to have her pray to know which people are ready to hear the gospel. 

Saturday night we had a lesson with a less active member and invited a member of the Branch Presidency.  The less active member has been telling us how lucky we are as missionaries to have the Spirit constantly and have such a strong relationship so close to God.  We kindly reminding him that he too can have the companionship of the Spirit, and although he is not called to be a missionary, he is still able to share the gospel with others and is in the most important mission of his life, the strengthening of his home and family.  I loved listening to the counselor´s testimony of the importance of attending Church and the gift of the Holy Ghost.   The next day at Church the less active man came and bore his testimony,  Let me tell you, little victories like that make me want to jump and do bell kicks down the aisle in the chapel.  But I refrain and resort to dance moves in my head.  YES!

Little victories happen everyday, and each one of us can be part of it.  I love this work!! And the greatest thing about this work is that there is no separation between missionary work and the gospel.  When we are members and not full time missionaries, we are ¨full time finders and missionaries are ¨full time teachers¨.  It´s a beautiful thing, my friends.

Thanks for the birthday messages!   6 years and going strong!  : ) 

Love you all.  xoxo hermana miller 

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