Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello everyone!  Today was a really great day, and it was a really great week too!  Today we met up with our zone in Rosario.  We played some sports and had a water balloon fight.  I felt like a little kid for a few hours... it´s nice to have something different in our schedule every once in a while to shake things up and recharge.

My poor Hermana Miranda has been fighting some major migranes lately, so we had to travel a bit, see some doctors, and rearrange our normal work so we could figure out how to help her feel better.  Amidst the hiccup in our schedule, we still saw lots of miracles happen!  The nurses that attended to her in Rosario were extremely curious about our nametags, and after a good twenty minutes of explaining The Church, we got their contact info and sent it to the mission office so the elders in their area can go teach them!  I love that the Lord helps us find people even during a doctor´s appointment!

We also found some people while contacting that sound sincerely interested in hearing our message, which is great because sometimes Argentines are too nice to say NO and will let us come by again, but will only want to chat about other things.

On Thursday we had a very inspiring Zone Conference where we heard from President and Hermana Giuliani along with the Assistants to the President.  They talked about the importance of seeking the Spirit in this work and recognizing answers to our prayers.  This is definitely something I have been working harder on, because without it missionaries cannot know exactly where the Lord wants them to go or what to say!  Read D&C 50, it has become our theme in this mission.. and I absolutely love it and am a witness of how vital our connection is with the Spirit.  Prayer is the way that we can form this connection, and this is not smoething exclusive to missionaries!  All of us, Heavenly Father´s children, have been given this hermosa opportunity to converse with Almighty God who is the Supreme Being of all things... which sounds a bit intimidating, no? But He loves us like a father, because He is our Father. We can speak to Him at any moment at any time, aloud or silently in our hearts.  The tricky part that we make harder on ourselves is when we miss His answers.  He 
always answers our prayers.. it is our duty to be observant to what is around us, and sensitive to how we feel, because that is how we can recognize His answers and receive revelation.  It definitely takes practice, and it has slowly but surely become easier for me.  I love it!  I love being a missionary.  I love seeing right in front of my eyes when my companion and I are being used as instruments in the Lord´s hands.

I hope you are all well!  I am sorry I dont have many photos as of late.. the connection is a bit slow here.


Hermana Miller 

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