Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buen dia!  Como le va?  I hope everyone is doing well! 

Things are moving along quite nicely here in Cañada de Gomez.  We are receiving more participation from the branch members here, which makes us so happy!  There is something really special about having a member accompany missionaries to a lesson.  It excites the member, and it definitely excites us because the investigators have the chance to see what a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is really like... because well... we missionaries are not exactly your typical normal person.  Sometimes people get confused and think that if they were to join the Church they will have to be full time missionaries like us, wear skirts all the time, and not be able to watch TV or go out on the weekends!  More importantly- participation from members gives people a chance to hear another testimony of the truth of this gospel.  

On Saturday Hermana Miranda and I had to travel to Rosario, and had some time to eat lunch in Parque Independencia.  I love it!  The lake has little paddle boats you can rent (we watched longingly on the shore...)  and a beautiful bridge and free standing pillars!   

One thing that is really interesting about the gospel is when certain themes we think we understand and know (think of a repeated Sunday School lesson you think you{ve heard more than enough) must be taught once again to strengthen our testimonies.  I definitely had that experience yesterday concerning my purpose as a missionary.  I re read a talk by Elder Clayton from last general conference, titled The Time Shall Come.  

I know that I am here in Argentina particpating in a grand work, the gathering of Israel!  I know with all my heart that this work cannot be stopped, it is the work of the Lord and our efforts as missionaries slowly but surely will bring great fruits one day, even though we may not be able to see it right now.  I love being a missionary!!  I am learning to appreciate each day the best way that I can, not only to enjoy the awesome things that come from  being in a foreign country, but moreso the precious time I have been given to interact with so many different people.  This time is already flying by, and I have to use every moment the best way I can and tell all that I meet about this important message of the gospel!  

I love and miss you all! 

Chau,  Hermana Miller 

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