Monday, September 24, 2012

Freeze Frame

Hello exclamation point 
The keyboard is a little funky, so I can´t express my enthusiasm, and it gave me a reality check of how often I use exlcamation points exclamation point
Well, this past week is one I will remember for sure.  Hermana Hutch and I attended a very spiritual and inspired zone meeting with the other missionaries that serve in La Paz, and it gave us a huge energy boost and new outlook on how we can be more diligent.  I am so grateful for the sincerity, prayers, and dedication from our zone leaders to help us remember our purpose in this work and to seize every day.  The mission slips before us, and I am SO glad that I have even more of a renewed energy than before, and I still have a big chunk of time left exclamation point
There were a lot of moments during this week where I had a little voice in me say ¨Take a look at what you are doing right now.  You are a missionary, and you have the Spirit to guide you where to go and what to say?  Isn´t that pretty incredible?? Remember this moment,  soak it up girl cuz it won´t come back.¨   Yup, that´s how the voice inside of me speaks... just fyi.
I took in my mind a mental picture, freeze frames of these moments:  teaching a man who is a slave to alcohol and recognized the light in the elders who found him in the past.  A new investigator who said ¨There are people out there who don´t understand that they need to be preparing for when the Lord comes again exclamation point ¨.  Watching my companion bear her testimony in perfect Spanish, with a pure and sincere love for our investigator and her family.  Watching that investigator and a member, her friend who is a convert of  2 years, watch the story of Joseph Smith and see tears in their eyes.  Her saying ¨Wow.  I feel.... so much peace...¨  and seeing the families in our branch excitedly gather together to have their photo taken for the Liahona... parenthesis I will let you know if we get in, it might be in the Argentina edition only... parenthesis
I realize I need to take more of these freeze frames, these mental pictures every day of my life. Even the hardest days have some sort of silver lining, they are sometimes harder to find but I know they are there.  It is a dangerous mindset to think, ¨well, I will start to do this after the mission¨ or after the month is over.  Every day is a new beginning. every day is beautiful, andevery effort is worth it.  You might be in the middle of a struggle that no one else can see.  You might think that it´s not worth it any more, that it´s not meant to be.  ¨Don´t cast away your confidence¨,  thank the Lord for the strength He has given you,  remember the spark you felt when you started the fight to reach your goal, and give yourself a moment to just sit back and hear that voice in side of you that is sayng ¨Take a look at what you are doing right now.  You are doing lots of great things, and the Lord is there to help you, isn´t that incredible?  Remember the good moments, soak it up.¨
xoxo hermana hillmill

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  1. Do we comment on here? I think this was my favorite post! I love reading each and every post and especially enjoy the details of your experiences, but perhaps this was something I especially needed to hear. Well said, and thank you for sharing! Miss you!