Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Best Schooling For Life

Hello!!  As you can tell by my photos, we had a pretty fun time at the hermanas conference.  We felt like princesses for a few days to say the least.  Hermana Hutch and I were able to sleep one more night extra in the mission home because she had to do paperwork for her Visa the next morning, so we were spoiled with a few more hours with Hermana and President Giuliani.  I love them so much!! Hearing their words in the conference, cooking with la Hermana, and hearing them speak to us again yesterday at our district (like stake) conference really spoiled me.  I can{t write down all that I learned right now, and a lot of it includes really special spiritual insights of my own, but I will share one thing: 

Yesterday after the conference President Giuliani set apart a missionary that is leaving from Santa Elena.  His name is Jorge and he will be serving in Chile.  This now Elder is what here we would call a [capo[,  stud? capitan? a really amazing youth who has already been working miracles here in the missionary work.  The last words from him to me where [I have two more referrals for you, and these are for sure baptisms! Please visit them as soon as possible[  amazing!!  Well, President said a few words to his friends and family before setting him apart (giving him a blessing by the laying on of hands by the power of the priesthood which officially gives Jorge the power to share the gospel with the help of the Spirit.)  and his words really made me think about how the mission has changed me in this past almost 13 months.  He said that businessmen pay thousands of dollars to receive education and training in order to be able to run their own business, and people today pay thousands for therapy and counseling so they can fix family problems.  But the mission is the best schooling for life.  A missionary receives a maturity in all senses, socially, in spiritually, and in diligence.  

If you are feeling hesitant about serving a mission... please hear me out;  this is the best decision I have made in my life so far.  It is also the hardest time of my life, but is the BEST hard I could ever experience, because I have a closer proximity to the Spirit, a wider perspective of human life and our relationship with God... and this is not to say that all of my problems are solved and I am above everyone else because what I am doing is better than not serving a mission.  Nope, I am definitely more aware of my weaknesses, of which there are many, and I know that the mission may not be in the plan that the Lord has made for you.  But you should ask just to make sure.  I almost shrugged it off and didn{t ask, and it scares me to think of what my life would have been like if I hadn{t. 

And if a mission isn{t in the Lord{s plan for you (sisters), don{t ever for once think it is because you are inadequate or you didn{t make the cut.  It could mean that someone close in your life needs your testimony and your example.  It could mean that you are already ready for the next big adventure in your life, whether that be more schooling, marriage, or a job opportunity.  Whatever the Lord has in store for you, make sure you make it the best schooling you can.  Hermana Giuliani told us that the mission never ends.  After our 18 months we will take on other responsibilities, callings, and opportunities to spread the gospel.  It may sound a little overwhelming, but with the Lord{s strength we are unstoppable. 

Happy October!  

xoxo hermana miller 

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