Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy October!!!

Hello!!  Sorry I didn´t write last week.. but I am still here in Santa
Elena with Hermana Hutch and we are getting soaked with all this rain!
It is the most I have seen in my time here in Argentina, and I love
it because the humidty level decreases for a bit.

How about the exciting news for the missionary ages?!  I wasn´t in the
building when they announced it, but the Elders here told me that all
of the young single adult women who are 19 or 20 and have been eagerly
waiting to turn 21 all freaked out and the branch president wanted to
run around the building he was so stoked.  There are 6 girls who as of
now have already been interviewed and have done all of their medical
paper work.  THAT makes me so happy to see that enthusiasm and
eagerness to serve the Lord ASAP!  One hermana said that this is
definitely a sign of the latterdays.  The Lord needs to open up new
areas to gather Isreal faster!!  It is exciting.

I hope you all enjoyed conference.  It was my first time watching it
all in Spanish, and although I missed hearing the sweet and loving
voices of our beloved prophet and his apostles, I was touched by the
Spirit that the translators brought... some even choked up as they
spoke the words of these inspired men, it was pretty cool.

The work here seems to bring surprises every single week.  Although
these experiences are very personal to me, I will say that I am
receiving a stronger testimony every week of the power of sincerely
studying the Book of Mormon.  ¨True doctrine understood changes
behavior¨, but even when these people who are barely familiar with the
book and do not realize how true the doctrine is have changes in their
attitude, their perspective on their day, the peace in their home.  I
will never grow tire of the surprise and delight that people have when
they come and tell us ¨I feel so amazing the days that I read!!¨  The
Book of Mormon is much more than a record of an ancient people who
speak about the ways they strived to be obedient.  It is the word of
God that helps us know God, and know ourselves better, or better said
see the way God sees us.  I am constantly surprised by the things I am
discovering about myself, and I have to admit that I didn´t see or
understand much the power this book had on my life before the mission
until I became a missionary.  And I promise you that you don´t have to
be a missionary to see this power.  You can open up the Book of Mormon
with a prayer in your heart and you will find a phrase that will shed
light on what the Lord knows you need.

Love you all!  Do me a favor: go jump in a pile of leaves.  Drink hot
apple cider with pillsbury halloween sugar cookies.  Go visit a real
pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin. Watch Hocus Pocus (bonus points if
done with my sister), tell scary stories that aren´t too scary in
front of Gravity Hill or the Haunted Forest in Pasadena... oh and most
importantly... dress up like a zombie with your friends and go scare
people in the street and dance the Thriller  (If you aren´t sure how
to be a good zombie, please refer to my darling mother for advice...
she knows her stuff. )  Happy October!

xoxo hermana hill mill

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