Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 Hello all!  I am gearing up to go to Argentina, but I am not exactly sure when my departure date is - it could be the 3rd or the 4th!  It was pretty crazy when I finally got the phone call last Monday.  I became really emotional (read: lots of tears, I am still trying to get used to the fact that I am more of a cryer than I have ever been before!) 
Knowing I am leaving soon has caused me to reflect on not only how I have grown in this past month, but also how our investigators have grown.  There are two young men who are no longer interested in having us come over, which really makes me sad because I was hoping one specifically would be baptized after hearing him have a really spiritual experience happen to him.  But we must pick up and move on - I keep hearing that there are sometimes missionaries who plant the seed, and a different set of missionaries might have the chance to harvest something wonderful and fruitful down the road.  Everyone learns about the gospel at a different pace!  We also have new investigators that other Elders handed to us because the investigators preferred Sisters (one is a nine year old girl).  We have new people on date to be baptized which is so exciting!!  I wish I could be here for their baptism, but I am looking forward to being able to write them from Argentina and support them along their way as they strengthen their testimonies.
There were a few hard days for us too - and I learned something SO essential. "Where Can I Turn for Peace? Where is my solace when other sources cease to make me whole?" my solace is prayer to my Heavenly Father.  My prayers have changed SO much recently.  This week I had to pray really hard for our companionship to feel more happiness.  There are some personal conflicts and struggles that we as individuals can only do so much to help each other, and I had to just leave it to the hands of the Lord to help us.  It had to come from somewhere else, and the Lord definitely answered my prayer!  We are so grateful for the power of Priesthood Blessings - the authority given from God to our leaders in the church who by laying on of hands can bless us with amazing words of comfort that come from the Lord!! I wish I could give specifics, but I will just say that while I know there is only so much we can do to heal each other, in the meantime only good can come from LOVE. The answer is always love!  I have learned that I have to keep loving and loving and giving and giving no matter what, even if it hurts.  (Thanks Ryan K for that, you are so right!!)
My companions and I started making a list of things we needed to do before I left. AI lot of that included cooking and baking different things.  There is a really cool Mexican mercado just behind Smith's grocery store where we loaded up on a lot of good things to make.
 "abuelita" hot chocolate with bread for breakfast!  
OH yes, Halloween.  Happy Halloween!  They call it la noche de las brujas, or the night of the witches in Spanish.  We have a full P Day today, so we are watching Tangled (G7- finally I am seeing it!  so stoked!) and another movie tonight because it is not safe for us to go teach in the evening when there could be people dressing up as us! 
 Hopefully by next Monday/P Day I will be writing you from SOUTH AMERICA!!! Hopefully there will be a convenient way for you to send mail to me via SLC- "pouch service" I think is what it is called. I'll send more info when I can!
Shout out to my lovely Cat Card who just got engaged!!  And Congrats to Melanie and Jacob on their wedding! Wish I could be there!  Love you all!! 
Con amor, Hermana hillmill

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