Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday our branch took two buses to La Paz for a district conference, and we were surprised to see that it was a satellite conference for all of Argentina!  We heard very inspiring messages from Elders Bowen and Clayton who are members of the Quorum of the Seventy, Sister Stevens who is in the General Primary Presidency, and Elder Nelson, an apostle of the Lord.   I was so elated to see Elder Nelson´s face and hear his sweet voice.  He chose to speak in ¨castellano!¨  I loved hearing him speak the Argentine way, and to me it was a sweet demonstration of his love for the members in this country.  The last time I heard him as the main speaker of a meeting was when I was a newbie in the Missionary Training Center.  It was an especially unique experience for me for certain reasons that helped me have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon; a devotional I will never forget!  And now, here I am at the end of my mission, hearing the same apostle speaking in the language I have learned!  I was so happy to see that a very large number of our branch were able to travel and hear these great leaders speak to us. 

Hermana Flack and I are on a roll finding really amazing people who sincerely want to read the Book of Mormon!  I am so glad that they have such an excitement and desire, and they only have a small sight of what´s in store for them if they continue on this path.  That is one of the perks of being a missionary; being able to see ever so slightly more of how the Lord sees our lives... what lies in store.   We are helping a 22 year old girl learn about her decision to be baptized, and she is going through some hard times with her health.  When she shared her concerns about her situation, I was so grateful that I could share how I am a witness of how the gospel can help someone in her situation be healed and be stronger.  Her eyes grew wide and she said ¨That´s exactly what is happening to me!  Wow, and this person you know is better?¨  She has a faith that is going because she is reading and contemplating and asking, and I think her own growth of faith is surprising her!  

I love seeing changes in the people.  Sometimes I say to Hermana Flack ¨Why am I serving in an area with people that are so amazing?  It will be so much harder for me to leave them!¨  I remember thinking before starting the mission ¨What a shame that I won´t be around to witness certain milestones in my little cousins´ lives.. or my friends´ weddings, etc¨  and now I am thinking ¨What a shame that I won´t be around to witness Familia Artigas be sealed in the temple, or see this person be baptized, etc¨  and I realize that there is never an ideal moment to leave one place and not miss something, because lives are conitnually changing, we are continually growing, and there is always something to enjoy no matter where we are.  So instead  of being bummed that I can be physically present for milestones in my Argentine families´ lives, I need to just soak it up and know that wherever the Lord sends me in life, there are people who will cross my path that will help me immensely, and I hope I can offer them help in turn.  

I am sorry my English is funny and comes out a little corny or overly poetic.. but yes, I am a little sentimental right now!  

Love you all!  Have a wonderful Easter!! 

Love Hermana Hill Mill 

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