Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the last four weeks of miracles

Don´t you just love when people are ¨coincidentally¨ on the same page as you?  It´s all inspiration.  Every month our zone (12 missionaries, 2 in Feliciano, 6 in La Paz, and us 4 in Santa Elena) gets together to talk about what we did well, how we can improve, and what goals we can set and other creative things we can do to help us refine our abilities and remember our purpose in this wonderful work.  When we went to Feliciano for our special Pday, we had a meeting and the zone leaders presented our Plan of Action for the month, and man, did they hit the nail on the head.  This past week we had ¨día de milagro¨ or, day of miracles.  I was so excited when they told us that every Wednesday until the end of the transfer would be a day of miracles, and every monday we would write to our zone leaders what miracles we saw.  I have been recording miracles my whole mission, so this was a perfect way to end with a bang!!  And at the end of the transfer they are going to compile all of our entries and we will have a book of miracles to remember. !!  

We fasted that we would have the faith to help miracles happen, studied the Atonement as companions, served a member, wrote our testimonies in two books of mormon that we had to give to new investigators, had a member accompany us and taught our investigators who have the most potencial. 

I won´t share with you  the miracles at this time, but I will say that this was a very wonderful idea to help us do our very best!  There were even simple things that took place that we had been praying for for a while...  there is one lady we have been teaching for months that would progress off and on, but we always kept in touch because her son is a new member in La Paz... I had a feeling we should stop by Wednesday night, and it turns out she has much more interest and is now reading the Book of Mormon and was asking us dozens of questions!  woot!!!  And this Sunday we saw a handful of less active families who haven´t been coming in a while!!  The members are visiting them more often, and we can see more unity. 

I know that we don´t need to wait to have a special day called A day of miracles to see the hand of the Lord.  It starts with our faith and hope!  I have a testimony of this work.  We are all part of something glorious and beautiful, this thing called life that has its surprises and tough times.  (thanks Liz for your letter!  your words helped me so much!)

love you all! xoxo hermana hill mill 

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