Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Tears

I am in my "second" week already even though it has only been one week here!  SO many beautiful and spiritual things take place during my days here.  I have discovered that it is not a ocmplete day until I Have become teary eyed in some way.  That's a funny and new thing for me, I am not used to feeling this emotional!  

Yesterday was a really good "happy tears" moment. First of all, I have a new companion, Sister Dalton!  She jumped from beginning to advanced and will be serving in Barcelona.  Her dad served in Rosario, and she has studied abroad in Madrid!  I love her enthusiasm and she has really helped me feel more like a missionary.  She has been here for one more week than me.  Sister Dalton's name was called from the intercom in our classrom. So she was called to an office in the main building and I of course accompanied her.  Turns out we ended up meeting the MTC President, President Brown!  He is such a sweet man.  I wish we could have spoken with him longer.  He called us/her in to ask us/her how we/she like the new curriculum, which is new as of August 3rd.  He told us, "Thank you for serving... You are the cream of the crop."  I teared up and paused until I looked back up and said "Sorry!" and laughed, and then I saw that he was teary eyed too.

Elder Ballard came and spoke at our devotional Tuesday evening!  He gave us such amazing advice about feeling the Spirit when we teach, and not giving "wooden discussions" as President Hinckley once called it.  I of course got teary eyed during the devotional.  My hermanas and I sang in the choir.  We were in the third row and the camera caught us singing a few times.  Woot.

This is one thing I especially love about being here: speaking with the senior couples and volunteers.  They really know how to make us smile.  It's a nice break from learning in a classroom with young men all day.... whom I actually completely and fully admire!  Our district is becoming closer!  We are understanding our senses of humor better (I had forgotten what 19 year old young men think is funny).  We respect each other and consider ourselves a little familia. 

The other night my companion and I participated in our first TRC appointment.  The Training Resources Center I think it is called.  It's funny because I was once a volunteer here, and now I am sitting on the other side of the table with a name tag on!  These are real people with real stories.  This woman we taught shared so many personal struggles with us.  It is crazy to think how quickly I have become concerned for people I barely know. 

I have learned that the gospel is a "one size fits all".  No matter what you are going through, no matter how much you know about Christ, he knows an dloves you and can help you find happiness thanks to the Atonement!

I wish I could bottle up my feelings and experiences and send them your way.

A few other things I have learned:

Elder Holland said, "Be your first convert." If I am teaching someone who needs to pray more sincerely, than I need to pray more sincerely.  If they need to be humbled, then so do I!  
When people are converted to this wonderful faith and share their story, they first mention how they felt  before what they knew.  The Spirit truly is everything!

I hope you are all well.  Thank you for your little cards and letters.  I love!!  

Con amor,  hermana miller

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