Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hit the Ground Running...

Hello, this is Hillary's cousin Cara!!  Hillary has asked me to update her blog while she is on her Mission.  I got my first email from Hillary today...

Wow where do I begin?  This has been a pretty amazing couple of days.  I am  a missionary!! I still laugh to myself when others greet me as Hermana or Sister Miller.  That sounds so old.  The MTC is FUN.  I got lucky, I am in a really fun trio!  My two companions are from Nicaragua and Mexico/Texas, and we work really well together.  I am the only "gringa" in my district!  I love it, especially because it keeps me on my toes. 
I have been so impressed with the way they teach us!  You all need to look up "1 in 8million" from The newspaper interviewed different people in NYC, and our teacher had us discuss what about the gospel they need. Before arriving here, I assumed that some of teaching would be corny!  I was SO wrong.  Everything we learn, in addition to the doctrines is 1. Teach by the Spirit and 2.  BE REAL.  These are real people, and they will not want to listen to our message if we are not real ourselves! 
My companions and I have had two chances already to practice teaching to pretend investigators, and it had been amazing!
I have been so humbled and so strengthened at the same time.  I love hearing all the testimonies from my district. I am proud of these young elders even though I hardly know them! 
There is so much more I want to say.  I am soooooo sorry I can't give you photos right now, this computer is not set up normally and there is no one around me who knows how to upload photos :/ 
I love you all !!! 
xoxo hermana miller

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