Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Baptism's

Hello my wonderful friends and family!
We had two of our investigators get baptized on Saturday!  We were so happy that Tito's family (the younger boy in the photo) were willing to sign his papers so he could be baptized!  It is kind of a long story, but in a nutshell his father had a very big change of heart right before our eyes.  I am so grateful that our prayers worked and that he was able to feel the Spirit!
On Saturday after the baptism we attended a Fiesta de la Culturas!  Man, I feel like I am serving a mission in seven different countries after that event.  There are so many different cultures in our wards!  I absolutely loved the food, and I of course hit up the Argentina table and tried everything.  I am wishing their desserts were not as delicious as they were - I will have to hold myself back once I get there! 

My Spanish is coming along as well as it can considering I am in Provo.  I am learning to understand senses of humor better and have even wiggled out a laugh or two from members.  Score!  I especially love hearing a whole bunch of our Mexican fellowshippers joke and laugh with my companion who is also from Mexico, because it reminds me of the slang and humor of some of my friends at home. Everyone is so sweet with me even though my grammar sometimes flies right out the window because I want to speak as fast as everyone else! 
You need to look up the lyrics to "I can only imagine."  (Toby Keith sings a cover of it) and on our Cd's we have two covers of it by two different LDS artists.  I think of how beautiful heaven will be and what it will be like to see Christ's face after all I've done - it's a big motivator to do the best I can! 
Sorry this is short. There are so many things going on - OH and I am sorry that my reply to your most recent letters are late!  The other day I got two letters that were written on September 19th!  I guess the MTC had them the whole time... better late then never!  I am going to be here for another two weeks or so.  Cross your fingers that the consulate member will come this week so my Visa can be processed!

Love you all!!!
Hermana Miller

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