Monday, October 3, 2011

Mi Montana

(I can't figure out how to put the tilde on the n's!  It's supposed to be mountain in spanish, and my companion's name also has a tilde.  oh well : )
Wow.  There are so many things that happened this week! 
The Lord is really looking out for me and my companion.  There have been little tender mercies everyday!  I feel so enveloped in the Spirit and I wish I could tell our investigators exactly how it feels, but they have to pray to know and understand for themselves.  This is a new struggle I have discovered.  My companion and I were trying so hard to contact a member family to help us on Saturday when another member family cancelled their appointment for us to watch conference with them and our investigator (we can't watch it with just him, members must be present.)  I started praying really hard. We had just taught him about the importance of modern day revelation and having a prophet today on earth, so I wanted him to be able to hear President Monson's words!!  We finally were able to contact our Bishop Kemeny.  When we called our investigator to update him with our plans, he told my companion, "OH by the way, I got my answer.  I want to get baptized." I heard her shriek with joy.  We hugged and I cried and I said, "So this is what it feels like!  Oh my goodness, and I've barely been here a week!!"  We rushed to Little Ceasar's and bought our investigator a pizza and soda to celebrate during conference. I told Hermana Montano, "I prayed for a 99 cent store blessing and we ended up with a Costco sized blessing!"
I must tell you about these brownies - we have a very finicky oven and I tried to make some for an investigator.  Let's just say they could be "brownie jerky."  In the past I know I would have been frustrated and maybe a little bit embarrassed, but no!  It provided a hilarious moment for me and my companion, which was very much needed as we hadn't had a lot of funny moments yet.  I am forever grateful for those brownies because they helped break the ice between Hermana Montano and I!
I hope you all enjoyed conference.  You can go onto and watch the words of the prophets right now if you don't know what I am talking about!!  It is amazing.  My favorite thing about conference is being able to pray beforehand for personal revelation / specific answers about what I would like to improve in through the words of our inspired Church leaders.  I especially loved Sunday afternoon's conference - (and sidenote, how funny/strange/different it is to hear talks about missionary work now that I am a missionary!)  I loved Matthew Richardson's story about the hard hike he made with his children, and instead of feeling overwhelmed at the mountain ahead of them, they would turn around and take in the beautiful sight of all they had climbed so far.  I am loving this whole mountain analogy.  : )
Here are some other things I loved:
J Devn Cornish -
"Not only say our prayes, but LIVE them."
 When praying, honesty is essential in requesting what we desire.
President Monson
How close He is willing to come
How far He is willing to go
(which made me think:  how close am I willing to come?  How far am I willing to go?)
I love you all. I hope you enjoyed conference and found some useful gems that can help you!  I love being here in Provo!  I know that my time here is short, so I hope I can do my best and help others understand how much God loves them! 
Con amor,  Hermana Miller  

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