Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This week we had transfers, and we are now a trio!  Hermana Montano and I now work with Hermana Brignone, who grew up in Washington State, had been living in New York, and goes to Stanford!  We three have a lot of fun together - and we are able to get more work done!  We go on splits - where one missionary teaches with a female member - so we can teach three different lessons with three different investigators in three different places at the same time!  The Spirit has been really strong in some of our lessons recently - I am slowly but surely learning to follow its promptings in asking inspired questions about our investigators needs, and trying not to worry so much about the lesson plan.
I have to share with you a really awesome story about an answered prayer - one of those missionary moments where you know the Lord is hearing you at that very second!  Hma. Brignone and I were on splits and we didn't have the phone, so we could not call our fellowshipper (ward member who helps us teach) to let her know we were outside her complex (we never went to her front door before, so we didn't know her apt number!)  We walked to the courtyard of the complex and I said a little prayer out loud.  Hma Brignone asked what impressions I had and I felt to go to the middle floor on the building to our right.  Right then someone walked up the stairs and I asked her if she knew a Teresa, and she said no.  Then I asked if she knew where her roommate Cynthia lived, and she said yes and pointed to a door right in front of us.  I laughed to myself thinking it might be a different Cynthia - Cynthia Sandoval, a friend from the home stake whom I knew lived in this complex!  We knocked on the door, and a guy opened the door - "SISTER MISSIONARIES!! COME IN!" and sure enough at the end of the hallway inside the apartment was Cynthia Sandoval, she gasped and ran out and gave me this HUGE hug.  We chatted for a minute, she and her friends gave us cookies, and I looked at their ward directory to find our Cynthia and Tere.  Sure enough our fellowshippers live right below them!  AND Cynthia Sandoval may have a contact for us to teach.  We found our fellowshipper in less than five minutes.  This could have happened in so many other ways!  We could have knocked on a different door and found the ward directory, but the Lord led us to a friend - I got a nice little piece of home, a great big hug and smiles from friendly return missionaries who were excited for us - and our we got our answer instantly! !!  This was one of my first times have a prayer answered this way.  It was excited, and I can't say that I was surprised because I know the Lord is looking out for us.  And the Lord is looking out for YOU too!  It may not be that speedy all the time, I know it usually isn't for me.  But if your heart is in it and you are doing what's right and you pray with all your might, amazing things will happen.  : )
We went up to South Fork Park and took pictures with the beautiful trees!!  Isn't fall wonderful?  Another little tender mercy - being able to drive through Provo Canyon during the fall...  Heavenly Father knows I loved doing that during my school days here, and we were allowed to go up yesterday.  I am thankful for the little beautiful things that happen everyday!  Sometimes it is hard to find when days are rough, but if you look hard there is always something!
I love you all and I appreciate your letters and your prayers.  

xoxo hermana miller

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