Thursday, June 28, 2012

"What Does Your Heart Tell You?"

Hey hey!  Hope you are all enjoying the end of june!  This month is going by sooo fast!!  Next week we have interviews with the mission president, and I can´t believe that it has already been three months since our last!  So much has happened within that time, and yet this time has felt like it is going by three times as fast. 
This week Hermana Green and I have had a lot of success finding new people who want to hear about the gospel.  I know the Lord is guiding is to find them, and it is pretty cool to see how He works with us.  Sometimes Hermana Green, well, sometimes is an understatement, ok, everyday she comes up with some crazy idea we know we can´t do as missionaries and she jokes and says, ¨But what does your heart tell you?!¨ like Amanda Bynes in She´s the Man...   she knows she´s hit my weak spot when she says ¨but I´m sure President would understand if we told him you had to ride the horse in order to save someone´s life and the world was ending and there was no other way to leave the city in times of peril and...¨  haha this girl has quite the imagination.  This phrase ¨what does your heart tell you¨ actually has some substance to it, especially after thinking about all the great people the Lord helped us find this week.  (and no, I didn´t find them while riding horseback... but for the record an elder told me there are missionaries somewhere he can´t remember where who use horses while proselyting! and I sure hope he is pulling my leg or I might write a letter to president asking him to transfer me to that mission... kidding!)
Ok, in all seriousness now...
A few days ago we had some plans fall through, so our back up plan was to trek out to the campo and look for a good contact we found working in another part of town.  We were contacting on our way over and we heard a gun shot!  I looked at the dogs in the street and they had all frozen and had their ears perked and their tails straight out.... but I felt okay, so we kept walking in our direction.  A few minutes later we heard more shots, and then a HUGE BANG like a canon... which we actually hear all the time (strange how normal that sounds? I´ll explain)  because seniors in the high schools here shoot canons all the time at the school when they receive their letterman jackets, have patriotic parades, etc.  But this was abnormal because it was a Saturday and we heard more and more shots and canons closer together!  In the middle of chatting with a man I stopped and said ¨Do you know what is going on?¨ and he said ¨Oh yea, there´s a game going on.¨  ahahaa of course!  Crazy futbol fans!!  Apparently the runt of the league won the game and bumped up a rank, and everyone was freaking out.  I was worried that the bullets could fall/sometimes there are intoxicated fans with guns (I´m sure my mother is loving reading this right now!!)  and so I said to Hermana Green ¨let´s get out of here¨ and started walking out of the campo.. but not even five steps toward home we felt we needed to turn around and keep going further out.  I laughed to myself, then laughed aloud and said ¨Are you feeling what I´m feeling?¨ and she said ¨yea, I feel better going the way we were going before!¨ and so we kept going and the gunshots stopped and nothing bad happened.  We actually found a really cool family!  We taught them and sang hymns to them in front of their yard, and they want to come to see what our church is like! 
We as missionaries have the guidance of the Spirit to protect us, to be present in our lessons when we teach so people can feel that it is true, and to help us find the people who are ready to hear it.  You too have the abilty to feel the spirit´s whisiperings, if you listen to your heart. Sometimes it is as clear as day. It can be a simple thought,¨I feel like I need to apply for this job¨ or ¨this place feels sketch, I´m outta here.¨ Or sometimes it requires more thought... and  sometimes it tells you something different than what your logic in your mind is telling, such as what happened to me.  Logically it would be wise for us to walk away from gun shots, that´s a given!!  But when you have the Spirit as your guide, you need to listen to your heart over everything else, because you never know what is waiting for you when you follow that voice. 
here are some photos of us in Iara´s car after church on our way to eat lunch with her family.
Me and Hermana Wilkinson. 
p.s.  Forgive me mother for the panic I might have caused when you read the words ¨gunshot¨.  Oh the adventures of a missionary! 
Love you all!
Hermana Hill Mill

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  1. I suspect if I was your mother I might have a pang or two of worry!!