Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"familia, el hogar debe ser el refugio de la vida"

Family:  The home should be refuge from life. 

This past week was a wonderful one.  We are really seeing a lot of miracles with this beautiful family we are teaching.  They mean so much to me and I was quite concerned about what would happen come transfers. Well, turns out Hermana Green and I are staying here (woot!) and the Visa´s pulled through!  Hermana Wilkinson who has been in Pergamino is coming with a brand new missionary!!  SO excited.  I met her at a zone conference recently and I was hoping I would be able to work with her!!  We are very grateful to have more help here in the ward.  

I know the Lord is looking out for our investigators and I know that this upcoming transfer will bring good experiences.  There are always suprises in life, no matter who you are or how good you are.  The trick is to look at your life through heaven´s eyes (yes that is a direct quote from a song from Prince of Egypt. Sometimes I can´t help but use corny phrases).  If you just put all of your faith in trust in the Lord, even when you don´t know why things are happening or what will happen, you will feel alright.  Actually, you will feel more than alright, you will feel peace and joy! 

Last night we had a ¨just in case goodbye party¨ with some families that we teach, the elders, and Iara.  We took some pretty funny pictures, and it felt so good to laugh so hard with some people we only met a few weeks ago.  The mother of our golden family that we are teaching really didn´t want to say goodbye to us!  I am glad we are sticking around, but I don´t want to think about the day when I will have to eventually leave.  

This week we made homemade pasta (fideos caseros) with Isabel and her daughter Belen.  They have this cool little machine that presses the dough and cuts the individual noodles!  We had a lot of fun.  Hermana Green and I also cooked lunch for Hermana Mesquita who lives two houses down from us and lives in front of the other sister missionaries´ apt.  We made fajitas!!  We made them twice this week, and I think I am definitely getting an Argentine stomach,  seasonings and spices are starting to be a little strong for me!  My immunity to spicy food that I gained in Provo thanks to my mexican companion has left me! noooo!  It will interesting adjusting to lots of flavor after the mission. 

Our last pday we had a lot of fun with the elders in the park after eating lunch at the food truck.  YES, you read correctly, FOOD TRUCK!! It´s the only one here, and it technically is just a stand, but I like to imagine it´s a food truck.  It´s called Glup!  (castellano for gulp) and they have great burgers and quesadillas.  There is a cool wall painted as the argentina flag, and hermana green and I thought to take a ¨sassy sister missionary foto¨, so there you go, rawr.  

I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for your letters and photos.  I love to see what you are all up to.  shout out to Mr. Jake Melton who just got married!!  Congrats buddy, I can´t wait to meet your wife, she looks perfect for you.  Best wishes and good luck!! 

xoxo hermana hill 

p.s.  in a few days I hit my half way mark.  I don´t believe it.  I hope it doesn´t move too fast, I am loving this too much. 

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