Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In The Lord's Hand

Hi friends and family!! I hope you all had a wonderful father´s day weekend.  I am so grateful that my Dad is my Dad.  If you know the great Mike Miller then you too can say that he is a great man!  Full of optomism, love, fun, spontaneity, creativity, faith, and magic.  Yes, magic.  

This week there were a few surprises, but that´s nothing too new (sounds ironic, no?) on the mission.  I can almost feel something in the air before a hiccup arises, because I know that if it´s smooth sailing for too long, you don´t push yourself as much.  The Lord gives us trials and surprises and hiccups so don´t get too comfortable and we can work a little harder.  

We had a really great activity on Friday!  We had different workshops that focused on different things we can do to strengthen the traditions of latter day saint families.  Two less active families came!  And the mother of the amazing family we have been teaching came as well!!!  We asked a couple in the branch to do a family home evening workshop, and it turned out perfectly.  It almost gave me the chills how exactly it fit with the image I had in my head!  We didn´t have time to share lots of thoughts of what we were thinking before the activity started, but I remember having this image of handing out an outline of ideas, photos of their family, and and emphasis of how simple family home evening can be more than anything.  And they did just that!   when I watched them explaining the book they use that has lots of ideas for the fhe, I thought ¨man I wish I had thought to find some copies for these families and our investigator, dang it!¨  and I saw the father walk out for a bit while the wife kept speaking, and before I knew it he was right next to me and whispered, these are for the families!¨¨ and handed me new copies of the books.  Wow! He read my mind! (The lord inspired him, for sure)  I was absolutely elated to see these families and our investigator in church on Sunday, and even more happy to visit the less active family later last night and hear their plans to read the Book of Mormon and have family home evenings every week. The miracles don´t stop. Things are happening!  We are finding more families, where the husband and the wife both want to listen.  It´s a dream come true.  I am loving this and I don´t want it to stop!! 

Here are some photos, we have some buddies in the neighborhood who have a little horse and I luckily had my camera with me this time!  And Hermana Wilkinson had her birthday this weekend so we celebrated during our Sunday dinner at a member´s house. 

I love you all!  Thanks for your love prayers and letters.  I sent a bunch of letters last week so hopefully you will get yours soon!  Love Hermana HillMill 

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