Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey friends and family!  Hope you are all doing well : )  Things are great here, especially now that we have two other hermanas working in our rama again!  I don´t have any photos this week, next time.  We are just getting past a really cold front that came through, and apparently there are some huge snow storms on the southern part of Argentina right now.  Crazy!!  I never thought I would be this cold here, and it´s the kind of cold that goes straight to your bones!  

We are working hard to reactivate some family members who were baptized a long time ago and come to Church every once in a while.  I love this family with all my heart and we are seeing some progress.  We are especially determined to help them because they are Mariel´s family, our branch missionary who is working so hard for us and is such a great example of being a member missionary.  I still can´t believe that just two years ago she was completely inactive, and now she has two callings, is saving up to take her family to see the Buenos Aires temple rededication, and just received her temple reccommend a few weeks ago.  

Yesterday we taught the Gospel Principles class and Mariel´s aunt came who is really close to being baptized.  At the end of the lesson the cute little old people in the back of the class shared their conversion stories, and we just let them go and it really excited Cristina to hear how people really can change. There really is something special about watching someone who is inches from overcoming personal struggles hearing testimonies of others who were able to do the same.  Members really are the secret ingredient to helping investigators be more committed to doing what is right.  

We are still teaching the wonderful family and one of the daughters came with the mother to church yesterday!  Poco a poco. : )  

Every day we see miracles.  This branch is growing stronger, people are reaching out more and less actives are receiving callings and coming back.  I am seeing the Lord´s hand right before my eyes.  I love this work! 

I love you all!  I miss you all a lot, and it always makes me happy to hear about what you are doing.  I am sorry if my letters get to you so far after you have written me!  At least I can somewhat communicate to you all through this blog.  Thanks Cara for always posting every week and helping me keep everyone up to date! 

xoxo hermana hill mill 

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