Monday, August 20, 2012

Brilla Tu Luz

Hello friends and family!!  I hope you all are enjoying the end of your summer.  Here it has been very wonderful weather, it already feels like spring, which is starting to make everyone nervous about how hot the summer will be.  I am just grateful that the winter was not as bravo as everyone said it would.  I never bought a very heavy coat and we´ve only had a few cold fronts with a few cold days, so we´ve been pretty lucky. 
Right now a bunch of members from our branches are in Buenos Aires attending the temple open house.  They took a bus at 2am and arrived at around 7 and will be back this evening.  Yesterday I was so happy to hear our recent convert Isabel talk about how excited she was to go, it really is perfect timing after her baptism.  I told her it will past by fast, as all good things do, so she needs to just stop and look around and take it all in and remember the feeling forever, and then Hermana Solomon said ¨But it won´t be your only time you will go to the temple, you will go again one day!¨  And that made her even more excited.  I love that Isabel said she wanted to see the temple since the very first time she heard about it.  I am grateful that the members have been preparing for this special day and the following rededication which is to come, because I know it helped Isabel understand how essential it is in our lives as latter day saint families. 
Yesterday was the homecoming of a sister missionary, Aloe, the daughter of the other hermanas´ landlady.  She served in Mexico!  It was pretty cool to hear an Argentine speak with a slight Mexican accent and hear those great mexican phrases and words that I miss!!  Her mother told us that she is already missing the work and adjusting has been a little strange, and she said ¨One day you will know what that is like!¨ ha. 
The Branch President asked me to speak in sacrament meeting as well, and gave me the topic about shining our light.  Well that just so happens to me one of my favorite topics! : )   It was a beautiful Sunday, both the weather and the words that were expressed in the classes and meetings.  I am so fortunate to be part of this great work, to see the members work with us and share in the excitement of building up the Lord´s kingdom.
I hope you are all doing well!  Next week is transfers...  It may be the time for me to leave Venado Tuerto, I´ve been here for almost five months!  Crazy. 
Today is a holiday and we are going to an artesenal fair after this!  We´re stoked to say the least.  And it´s beautiful today as well.
I want to thank each of you for the impact you have made in my life.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that I can have fun with, make memories with, learn with, grow with, and can rely on and admire.  I wish I could give some of the families here the friendships that I have at home.  Thank you for being a light in my life!  (cue corny music by lee ann rimes.. youuuuu light up myyyyy lifeeeee)
xoxo hermana hillmill

From zone conference this week.  We had an olympic activity, scripture chase!  Brought back good memories with Monrovia and Arcadia seminary : )

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