Monday, August 13, 2012

By Small and Simple Things

Hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful week, we sure did! 

Remember the family Hermana Green and I found two transfers ago?  Well Isabel, the mother, got baptized this weekend!!  When Hermana Solomon and Hermana Wilkinson came into the area we handed her off and they finished teaching her and helped her strengthen her testimony.  I have been so nostalgic and reflective this whole week, thinking of the progress Isabel has made, how she even before her baptism was attending all three hours of church and all the activities and already had formed some great friendships with the members, even though she was the only member in her family going.  She is a rock!!  I also kept thinking how we found her just by contacting, and from a small and simple act of work we were part of this woman´s journey in the gospel of Jesus Christ!  It was a really special chapter in our missions that all us four hermanas can share. It definitely pumped us up to full steam ahead with the hope that we can find more people who are ready, just like Isabel!!  

Our district is also going strong with lots of goals and challenges for each of the members to share a pass along card with one neighbor.  Every  branch has a referral box that a family is in charge of each week, inside ten candies are found and for every candy you take out you have to write down a referral and put it in the box.  I found it quite funny when the first family reported back that the father had to sit all the boys down and make them write down names after he discovered they had eaten all the candies.. maybe therin lies another lesson of discipline for the kids??  We were just happy with the results, referrals really is the key!  We love that more and more families are accompanying us to lessons.  The work is moving along!!  I love it even more when I can see the excitement coming from the members.  Once we can put aside our nerves of the thought of people rejecting or message or feeling we might me inadequate to talk about the gospel, we can remember that sometimes a small and simple invitation can lead to a life changed.You never know!! : ) 

By small and simple things, great things come to pass. 

I love you all.  Thank you for your letters!  Taylor Hoopes!!  Congrats on your engagement!! Holy cow your letter surpirsed me, I am way happy for you buddy!  

With love from Argentina 

xoxo hermana hillmill 

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