Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So long, Farewell, Venado Tuerto

Hello!!  Today is a busy day.  I am saying goodbye to a lot of really special people, and I have less time than expected as I need to travel tonight instead of tomorrow morning.  It has been a wonderful five months here in Venado Tuerto.  It is interesting to think that I have only known these members, missionaries, and investigators for months but it feels like I have known them for years because of what we have experienced together.  

Changes are sometimes hard, but I know I am headed to a grand new adventure, in Santa Elena, La Paz, which is in a province named Entre Rios, north of the province Santa Fe which I have only known.  It is exciting yet a little bittersweet as I know without a doubt that there is no way I will be able to have another companion like Hermana Green.  She really knows how to enjoy every moment.  I felt like my days walking in the street were really listening to a stand up comedian, giving me free commentary on all the funny things that happen to us as missionaries.  I love her so much and I am anxious to see how she will grow, especially with her latina companion!!  

People come and go into our lives, and it´s amazing the impression they can leave on you.  I love how we come from so many different cultures and backgrounds, and yet we have one grand thing in common.. and that isn´t just that we know the gospel.. we are all in the race of life trying to find the best way to live it, and it´s been a privelige to be one of thousands of messangers who know holds the truth that can show these travelers where to go, how to get there, and how to keep living the best way we can. 

I love Venado Tuerto! I love the mission!  

xoxo hill 

Saying goodbye at the terminal as a zone to elder luna from mexico and elder artunduaga from colombia. the mission ends one day?  weird... 

Saying goodbye to the rivoira family, marcelo and his daughter florencia and son fede (he is our branch mission leader) and then maria and her kids (she is due in october)


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