Monday, August 6, 2012

I love to see the Temple

Hello everyone!  My apologies for not writing lately... things have been moving along here and I had mostly been using my time on the computer to update my family.  We are fast approaching the day when the Buenos Aires temple will be rededicated, and everyone is getting very excited about it. It makes me so happy to see how the branch and district are full throttle in the goals to become a ward and a stake.  Our zone leaders have requested the branch presidents to call more branch missionaries and to have everyone give a pass along card to a friend or family this week.  My favorite challenge to youth is to have them publish a mormon message on their facebook... I think that is one of the best ways to grab our attention these days since we are always on the computer (well... YOU all are! ; )  I feel so out of touch with technology these days, you will definitely enjoy seeing my weak attempts try to text quickly again, HA! ) 

Well, I wish I could update you all on everything that is happening, but to make it short I will just say that the mission is like a mini-life . . . we are thrown into challenges that at first seem too big for us to handle, but when we take a moment to step back we remember that the Lord created us for greater things, and it is the trials that make us stronger.  I am blessed to have this knowledge, and it sometimes saddens me to watch others I come into contact with who do not understand this.  I am learning that the mission (and life) is full of surprises, to the point where if there isn´t some sort of challenge I am going through, I know I have been comfortable for too long and the Lord needs to shake things up!  (Hermana Gerratt taught me that : ) )  I definitely have grown to see the Lord´s hand guide me and comfort me when there have been discoveries of people we love choosing the wrong instead of choosing the right.  It is an interesting combination, feeling pain for someone but yet still holding onto the hope that ¨Sunday will always come.¨ 

 I am happier than ever here and I don´t want to leave this area, but one day that will have to happen!  It is such a privilege to be called a representative of Jesus Christ.  I know He lives and that this is His church, and that we have a living day prophet who can guide us and remind us that we are that we might have joy!  

I love you all so much.  I am sorry my letter writing has been a little delayed.. but I am working on it!  Thank you for thinking of me and spending the time to write.  FYI, there is a longer delay now in mail arriving as there was a long strike in the post offices this past month... so if you would like you can send me notes via dearelder , it´s free for you and free for the mission home to print them out, and there is no way they can get lost! 

dream big!  love you all! 

xoxo hermana miller 

Marissa and Anthony, congratulations on your wedding!!  My  mother sent me your photographs, you look shnazy!  Love you both and I am sorry I couldn´t be there!!

Hermana Giuliani included this in her weekly message today 

I Love It!!!

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