Wednesday, January 16, 2013

knowledge is power

Hey hey!  Hope you are all happy and well!  Things are moving along here!  We are working with a lot of the recent converts and helping them grow stronger in there testimonies.  I am especially excited for one family, Family Artigas.  They are a husband and wife in their sixties, and they haven´t been able to progress as much as they´d like to with their knowledge of the gospel because they have health complications every once in a while.  I have been visiting them constantly since I arrived in August, and I think we are getting closer to having them help us teach their children, who are not members of the Church. 

We taught them the what why and how of a Family Home Evening the other day, and I was very taken aback by the father´s reaction.  He took in everything very attentively, and after we finished showing him the FHE Manual, he paused and thanked us for bringing this to his attention.  He said he never knew this was something that the prophets ask us to have, and that he will learn how to do this and help his family because he knows this is important.  I was so touched by how touched he was.  And then on Sunday when we asked him how his lesson prep was going, he seemed very concerned and wanted to make sure he was preparing right and asked us to stop by.  When we arrived we saw him sitting in his chair outside in the back with his nose deep in the pages of the FHE Manual.  He said ¨I now know how to prepare a lesson for family home evening.  You need a photograph of a baby, a dog, and a plant.¨  ???  He later explained what each represents, things that need nuture and care... he was explaining an object lesson that comes from Lesson One in the book that explains to the families the purpose of FHE. It was great!  He was trying to remember every point he possibly could, and said he still hadn´t picked a topic because he has spent his weekend reading the introduction that explains what is a family home evening. We reassured him that what he was doing would be a perfect lesson to explain to his children and grandchildren who do not go to our Church.  He was satisfied and determined to read more the following day.  

I love seeing people´s hunger for knowledge! I am so happy that this hermano understands the need to bless his family, and I wish all people we teach could be moved by the things our prophet and apostles ask us to do. 

Knowledge is power.  And the best knowledge is the knowledge that comes from what edifies and strengthens the soul, the kind of knowledge that helps us remember our divine nature and our divine duty here in this life. 

xoxo hermana hill mill 

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